Topic: Sitia Bands Against Poverty 2 day music festival in Crete

Please check  out  our   web site  for  this  event and  also  our  Facebook page .This  event  is  the  first of its kind in Crete and  we  want  it  to be  a success.
The  problems  in  Greece have  affected  the  average  guy in the street  badly  and  there  are now  people  in  need  of  help .We  the local  musicians  of  Sitia  have put  together  a two day event  to  raise  some  much  needed funds  for  the local  charitys.
So please check  our  site  and  pass  the  information  on  to  others .If  you are  a  musician in Greece please think  about creating  a  similar   event  in  your  area  .We need to  help  each  other  because  together  we can  make a difference .