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Saw Joe Bonamassa at Pearl in the Palms casino Saturday night. If you have never seen this man perform, put it on your bucket list. In addition to being a complete monster on guitar, the guy is one of the best song arrangers I've ever heard in my life. Lots of extended jams, tempo changes, key changes, dynamics mouth was ajar the entire time. Four of the best musicians I've ever seen share a stage. Here's a taste of what they sounded like, although this was from a different performance:

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He is an amazing man.  great performer.  I've never seen him live, but would love to. Him and SRV are right up there in my book.

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Great performance,he makes the Gibson sound so fantastic,wish I had mine back now.

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I didn't know a lot about him but have seen him on the TV and Youtube. I'm becoming a bigger fan all the time. His acoustic shows are really great. Totally love his band's sound.