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Today i saw a guy playing a cigarbox guitar,bloody amazing!

looked on utube,lots of ideas for building one.
i think i will make one.
3 strings   tuned G d g    a barre will pretty well get u(  i   iv  v.)

Let me know your thoughts?  have u played one?


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There's a guy here in Canada who makes these Cigarbox guitars.

I'm sure he ships anywhere in the world, just click on the home page and it'll have the contact info at the top for you check out.  He makes pretty much anything from the "copies" of other manufacturers to the outlandish and extreme!  I used to work for a major musical instrument retailer a while ago and someone brought one in for service.  Got to play it, very unique indeed.  Also, in Africa they make the "Gas-Can" guitar.  It's a guitar neck bolted to an old gas can with a pickup and jack attached to it.  Plays pretty awesome and a great travel guitar for when those unexpected or impromptu jam sessions happen!

Hope this link helps ya out a bit.


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Re: cigarbox guitar … mp;index=1

The audio is pretty horrible, what with being recorded by my cell phone, but I guess it is what it is.  It was built for Al (guitar player in the band) by Casey, the other former guitar player in the band who happens to be really handy with tools.

Better shot of it.

Point being, it's a hoot.

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Thought you might find this post about Cigar Box Guitars on Chordie interesting:

I had to search for it, but I remembered there was some cool stuff!  Enjoy!!!

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Re: cigarbox guitar

cigarbox guitar - it's a pretty cool stuff.
Also great to enjoy.........