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tonywild2001 wrote:

Hi, First post.   The Monkees were one of the most subversive bands of the 60's.
Check the lyrics to Pleasant Vally Sunday or Last Train To Clarksville. (Clarksville being the station closest to the airfield from where the soldiers flew to Vietnam)

Subversive????. I remember watching that "subversion" on Saturday morning when I was small.( The 60s). Along with other cartoons.

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You could argue that Mike Nesmith has had as big an influence on music as almost anyone, because of his involvment with MTV.

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SUBVERSIVE? the songs were not written by the Monkees and probably not even chosen by them, "pleasant valley sunday" is a carole king/gerry goffin song and "claksville" is a boyce/hart song with boyce on guitar. if anything, it's the writers that would be "subversive"

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I agree with Phil. In 1968, the Monkees were NOT considered "subversive", they were called "bubble-gum".

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