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Topic: John Fogerty


I see John has a new cd out.
Got me to thinking  Is this guy under rated?
I love his music, i think he is one of the greats.is he rated with Springsteen for example?

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Re: John Fogerty

I seen him on David Letterman's show he still has it as far as comparisons with Springsteen I don't think you can they are totally different I liked the older songs from Fogerty but his new ones are just as good and he has surrounded himself with some very talented musicians as it should be smile

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Re: John Fogerty

easybeat wrote:

Is this guy under rated?
I love his music, i think he is one of the greats.is he rated with Springsteen for example?

I saw him on some show recently and coincidentally, I asked myself the same question (re:  underrated).  The speed of his chord changes is pretty awesome.  A minor thing (maybe?) compared to some, but I swear you almost had to squint to be able to see how fast the guy can move from one chord to another.

As far as comparison to "the Boss", no comparison IMO as far as guitar skill.  Fogerty is a much better player.  Bruce is more of a showman and (I think) a better songwriter.  At least I generally prefer Springsteen over CCR/Fogherty, but Bruce's guitar skill compared to Fogerty is lacking (again, IMO).

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Re: John Fogerty

I saw him back in 2002 I think it was. It was a double bill, Mellencamp and Fogerty. I went to see Mellencamp but man Fogerty blew me away. He was so full of energy and he rocked the dump. I think he is one of those guys that everyone knows is great but he doesn't get a lot of mention.

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Zguitar, that would have been a great show.  I've really liked Mellencamp for a long time, back to when he was Cougar.  I respect him both for being willing to take the advice of those who he thought knew more about the music business than he did, then when he found the advice too distasteful to continue he changed his stage name back to his family name at the risk of being a laughing stock (and he was for a little while).  I respect that he did that.  I respect that he's been so involved with Farm Aid and other charitable activities, putting his money where his mouth is.  But I also really, really like his music.  I was listening to some cuts from Uh-huh just last night while I was cutting grass and had to catch myself.  I was using headphones and had it cranked and when it got to the line "Forget all about that macho **** and learn how to play guitar," I very nearly yelled it along with the music.  Only at the last moment did I recall that no one else could hear what I was hearing and I'd look like a total nut case. 

As far as Fogerty, did you know he's Country?  He is.  My mom loved CCR and Fogerty after they broke up.  I enjoyed CCR and Fogerty as well.  I recognized them as Rock, but mom only liked Country music, so by definition (Mom's dictionary), any music she liked was Country.  That means Neil Young, James Taylor, Fogerty, and Jimmie Buffett were all Country.  Even Schubert symphonies were Country to Mom. 

Is he under-rated?  I don't know.  Probably not.  He's recognized everywhere.  His songs are known everywhere.  He's had recognition.  What I think it's safe to say is that Springsteen is over-rated, at least so far as I'm concerned.  I'm not impressed with his playing, his voice, or his song-writing.  That's not fair.  I'm impressed by anyone's ability to write songs.  So I am impressed by his song-writing.  But I think there are a number of song-writers on this forum who are more skilled and artistic than Springsteen is. 

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Re: John Fogerty

He's right up there in my op[inion.  I'll have to check out his new CD

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Re: John Fogerty

He is a very good all around artist,I like too watch him perform.

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