Topic: Mandolin tuning

While reading a thread in acoustic about 12 strings it was said that the double strings are not tuned the same. This made me wonder about the double strings an a mandolin. I have one that was given to me and if I ever decide to take it out of the case I'll have to tune it.

Re: Mandolin tuning

Those are tuned in unison I believe.  Lower strings on  12 strings are tuned to same note, different octave.

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Mandolin standard tuning is GDAE   G is the largest in diameter or top strings.

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Re: Mandolin tuning

The mandolin is tuned GDAE. G is the thickest string (Some describe it as being closest to you.) The double strings are tuned the same. Ex. The top two are G's, the next 2 are D's, the next 2 are A's, and the next two are E's.

The mandolin is different from the twelve string when it comes to this (I play both.) If you ever get playing your mandolin, good luck! You'll enjoy it!