Topic: Zither Banjo

Hello Evryone
I started to learn Bluegrass Banjo with David Cavage in, and have been learning (slowly) for about 6 weeks and enjoying it.
I just bought a 1920's Zither Banjo(5 string) on ebay and havn't a clue about it. It's made by George Houghton & Sons.
Couple of questions, What are the strings tuned to??
Can I use all metal strings??
Cheers in anticipation

Re: Zither Banjo

I've been watching the 5 string zithers slowly creep up in value on ebay over the past few months !

I don't play a banjo myself, but there's a lot of good bluegrass tab for banjo at

You need to down load TEFedit software to use the links, but it gives you tab and stave together. There is also a graphic of the banjo neck on which you can see the notes to hit as the piece is played. You can also slow down the tempo of the piece to learn it.

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