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I don't know how many of you follow "Your Guitar Sage" on youtube or facebook.  He has a TON of tutorials on youtube on how to play songs.  I've learned a lot from him.  Well, the guy also of course tries to make money and sells a lot of stuff.  At the moment, he's got a book available on Amazon for FREE on how to read music and notation for beginners.  I haven't read it yet, so I'm not sure how good it is (I do know the basics), but apparently it won't be free for long so I thought I should share in case anyone was interested.  I have nothing to do with this guy - this isn't an advertisement for him - I'm a mod here and know the rules.  wink  It's just a suggestion for a freebie if anyone is interested in checking it out.  Here's the link: … 00F0W4J3W/

I'll glance thru this as soon as I've had my third cup of coffee and can compute - and if I see anything off I'll let ya'll know here.  smile  I think it's only available for free today and tomorrow (Sept 26, 27) but I'm not positive on that.  I HOPE it's useful to someone!!!


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Thanks for the info and link. I will check it out.     

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I'm subscribed to this guy's channel. He does cool stuff and has a lot of followers. He recently had a release and played wonderfully RIP X.     

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In fact, it was quite bold for this author to lay out this book in the public domain, for which I personally thank him very much!     

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