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Any idea what the url is to get Chordie for my iPhone?   I read that there's a specially formatted verson for phones/pads.  Where do I find it?

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Yeah where do I get it????????

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I went onto Google and typed 'Chordie i-phone app' and got these amongst the results if they help.

Chordie Apps - iPhone -‎
Download Chordie apps for iPhone. Reviews, screenshots and comments about Chordie like Chordy, PianoChordy, CHORDiCA XL and more iPhone Apps.

Chordie | iPhone App Index‎
17 Feb 2009 - MySongbook is an app for finding, viewing and managing your song's ... the search function that takes you straight to result page.


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You should get redirected to the mobile version of the site if using an iPhone- directly within the browser.  If not, I'm not quite sure what the link is.  Try scrolling to the bottom of the main page and see if there is a link to use the mobile version of the site?

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Amy is correct. What OS and browser are you using?

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I've been using my phone to access Chordie for some time now. The site automatically reroutes me to Chordie mobile. No problems viewing songbooks or using any features

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