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Topic: Chord finding sites

A short time ago someone posted and included i think, three different links to sites for finding chords. I remember thinking one may help me with soloing because it showed all the notes in each chord you looked up and their positions on the neck. Anybody see this?     thanks b

I forgot to mention that i can't remember where i saw it and, would like to see it again.

Re: Chord finding sites

This is the one that I like: http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/index.php


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Re: Chord finding sites

Thanks Roger, that is one of them, a good one too but, there are two more, one of which i thought wiuld help in writing short solos.    b

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This thread has a couple listed. 

If you search the forum for Chord finder or chord sites you might recognize the original thread. 
Search link is near the top left corner of this page.

Good luck!