Topic: Hard to learn song?

What is the toughest song you have ever tried to learn how to play on your guitar ?

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Re: Hard to learn song?

The next one.  I've been working on a solo acoustic version of Last Dance With Mary Janr for years and still screw up the solo.

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Re: Hard to learn song?

I'm trying to do a solo acoustic version of Cissy Strut that is killing me.

Re: Hard to learn song?

i learnt "jessica" in the dark. each morning before going to work (by 6 am) i got out my guitar and picked out the tune. at my peak i could talk to someone and play it at the same time, now i cant even play it note perfect, i'm so afraid of messing up that i dont play it unless asked!

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Re: Hard to learn song?

Blue Skies by the allaman bros.

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Re: Hard to learn song?

Every new one and every old one that someone shows me I taught myself wrong!

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