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I've  enjoyed the music of The Who, but my focus had always been on Pete Townshend or Keith Moon. Lately, I've been watching YouTube videos that explore just how great of a bassist John Entwistle was. I didn't quite know what they were talking about until I found some videos in which the vocals and other instruments were cut down so you could really hear the bass. I was flabbergasted by the complexity of what Entwistle was doing--especially when I compared his playing to other videos that focused just on the bass. There were some in which Paul McCartney or John Lennon were playing bass, and the difference between their playing and Entwistle's was startling. While Lennon and McCartney were just plunk, plunking, plunking along, Entwistle was playing his bass like a lead guitar.

Does anyone have more insight into Entwistle's playing?

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I bought my son a coffee table book a few years ago. It was page after page of Entwistle's instrument collection. 99% basses, but a few guitars in there too. Probably out of print by now, but it's out there somewhere.

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i was in school with a guy that turned out to be a music teacher later on in life, but during the 70's when i decided i wanted to play bass he gave me a great tip (he played double bass in a jazz band at the time) he said less is more.

undoubtedly john entwistle was one of the worlds greatest bassists along with chris squire of yes, you play your instrument to compliment the music whether it be bass or any other instrument. as the who were a three piece and townsend was not one of the best guitarists or kieth moon a steady timekeeper, the part he played needed to be almost a lead instrument, a role he played well.

i cant imagine "yesterday" being played with an entwistle riff banging away.

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Artie'splaying wrote:

Does anyone have more insight into Entwistle's playing?

Yes, it so happens I do: John tuned his bass strings incredibly high (give a listen to the 5:15 solo below), and this was like playing the bass as a solo instrument. Paul McCartney had that same ability, but not to the same degree.

That said, I think he was a complete *expletive removed* for OD'ing on cocaine and dying on us.

Thanks, Bill

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