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Okay, okay, okay ...

I know a bunch of us are mid-life (or later!) and tend to look back a lot to the things that we enjoyed from the past. The beauty of music is that we can take it with us through time, i.e., a good song never gets tired or worn out.

In that vein, here's perhaps my all time favorite video: "Superman's Song" by the Crash Test Dummies from 1991. The song is beautifully written, cool vocal harmonies, and ideal to play finger-style on a classical guitar:

How about some other favorites?

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Cool thread Funster...I like this one from 1986,,,,

got to see the birds a few years ago at the Dutch fest. great show

badeye    cool

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Can't go wrong with:

We pronounce it "Guf Coast".
Ya'll wanna go down to the Guf?

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Badeye ... good one; looks like it was made in the "Dukes of Hazzard"era.

Tuba ... too funny!

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I remember when MTV aired music videos 24/7. A few classics:

Rule No. 1 - If it sounds good - it is good!

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It's probably Lion's Mouth by Kajagoogoo. Love this song

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I love the comparison with the bagel crumbs to the ants and the money to the humans....

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