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Her Biography from Facebook:

The love for music is what drives Zaina Arekat to play, produce, and perform on the guitar. She is a soul-driven musician who follows no tabs, no rules, no notes; in fact, she learns music and creates it all by ear. Zaina had always been fond of music; however, she never really liked guitar lessons, and that is why the maximum amount of time she probably ever spent going to guitar lessons was a month or so. Despite her long-love for music, she only started focusing on playing the guitar in 2008 after a series of events.

If you already know Zaina, then you’d already be aware of her health case. She has Nemaline Myopathy, a muscular disorder that prevents her from mobility-that’s in short. If you're interested to learn more about this condition, then you could visit this website:

In addition to Nemaline Myopathy, Zaina had lost her eyesight in 2008. Nevertheless, these weaknesses that Zaina has are overcome by her mental strength. As it is very clear, her weaknesses do not hinder and do not cause any obstacles in pursuing her talent in music.

Zaina’s main focus is on classic rock, medieval music, and acoustic-guitar-songs. Most of the videos published on YouTube are covers of songs that fall under the categories mentioned. On the other hand, Zaina also composes original songs, but they are not published yet. There is one original song though that is already posted – Aurora.

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she plays very good,thanks for the share Z.

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