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Topic: Imagine the Pressure

I love Led Zeppelin and I continue to be a fan of Robert Plant's efforts. Check out this video and imagine the pressure the guitarist must have experienced in reproducing the solo. I'm also a fan of the Wilson sisters and I think they nailed this one.

I almost choked up watching Robert Plant's reaction to the performance.

http://www.npr.org/2014/09/08/346114325 … bert-plant


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I have seen this on numerous occasions and it never seems to not delight me wonderful rendition of a classic

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Great post!

I completely agree that Heart gives some amazing tributes to Zeppelin, and they truly are worthy tributes. The fact that Jason Bonham would be a part of many of their shows is in itself an endorsement and belief in what they do. This Heart version of "The Battle of Evermore" is also dynamite: