Topic: increasing volume of acoustic guitar

Recently I have been playing at an acoustic blues club and I find that my guitar sometimes gets lost in the background as there may often be four our five playing at once.some times to the point where I dont hear it.Has any one any ideas .I cant hit the thing any harder nor do i want to put really heavy strings on as I play the same guitar elswhere amplified and it fine.When I do a solo spot it fine its just when theres a few playing ,last night we had 5 guitars a mandolin ,a banjo  apiano ,harmonica and kazzoo at one point ,my slide part was inaudable to me but ok for the folks sat in front I thought of a mini amp and an earpiece so I can at least hear myself.

Re: increasing volume of acoustic guitar

An earpiece sounds like a good fix ... I see a lot of musicians wearing them, in place of a stage monitor.

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Re: increasing volume of acoustic guitar

1. Watch your hands. You'll hear yourself then.
2. Do you play seated? If so, use a left hand stand (like the classical players) and put the guitar on your left thigh. That will get your instrument closer to your head. Lean your head over and you can hear it.

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Re: increasing volume of acoustic guitar

A pockitrockit might help with that. The mini amp just plugs in and you play over headphones. It what I use here at home a lot.

Would this be a viable way to help Grah1 be heard, BGD?

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