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Could you please include more Gordon Lightfoot songs. There are only 59 here and he has plenty more. Also there are no Ron Hynes songs here. He's one of Canada's greats along with Lightfoot. Ron's song "Sunny's Dream" sold more that one million copies and has gone global. Thank you.

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There is no provision for adding songs directly to the Chordie site.
If you wish more you will have to add them to the sites where Chordie gets them from.

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If you find songs on other sites that you would like to see on chordie, you can send a link to the admin here.

Don't expect them to be added immediately or at all, but it's worth a try smile

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Where is the scroll button on the iPad screen

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I haven't found too many other sites that have as comprehensive a library as Chordie ... well done to the Mods for this!

Once in awhile, I might find one at that isn't on Chordie, but that's about it.

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