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Hi Guys,

Just thought you all might like to know that Grah1 (A regular contributor to this site) Is very Ill in Hospital after an emergency operation last Tuesday  7th April.

I know many of you regard Graham as a friend even though none have actually met him, and appreciate many of the songs he has written and posted.

I for one do know him personally and have played gigs with him many times.

Wishing him a very speedy recovery.

Kev J.

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Best wishes and a speedy recovery to Grah.


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Tough news for anyone I hope he recuperates fast

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Get well soon Graham.

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Hang in there Graham.


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That's not good. Thanks for letting us know, Kev - hope he comes through OK. Please send my very best wishes for a quick recovery...

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Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery Graham.

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Thanks for the report, Kev. Please keep us up to date on how things are going with Graham.

Graham, we're all hoping you have a speedy recovery and everything goes well for you. You got friends here who are thinking of you and wishing you well.


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Sending good thoughts and well wishes for a complete recovery. Hope to have you back soon,Graham!

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Best wishes and may all be well soon

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Graham hope you get well very soon and thank you kev for the alert.

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Sorry to learn you're not well Grah, may I wish you a speedy and full recovery.

Kev, keep us updated

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just wanted to add my shock to the list and hope for a fast and full recovery.

also thanks to kev for letting us know.


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I am pleased you let us know Kev. If you are in contact with him please add me to the well wishers. Hoping for a speedy, and complete, recovery.


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On Behalf of Graham, Thank you for all your good wishes.  I have passed them on to him.

I will keep you all updated as to his progress, when i find out from his wife Pam.

Thanks again guys, I know it will help his recovery.


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Thanks so much for the update, Kev! The very best to you, Graham, for a speedy recovery.

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Don't know how I missed this post - Please send Graham my wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Best wishes Graham get well soon pal.

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Thanks for letting us know Kev. I wish him well.

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Thanks for letting us know Kev. We certainly do enjoy Grahams contributions and consider him a friend. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

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Please give Graham my very best wishes for a quick and complete recovery.  My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. Thanks for notifying us, many prayers have great results! When you speak to him or Pam give him our best from all us Chordians.  This just further exemplifies the last song I wrote and posted.  Enjoy every day !  I am praying Graham and Pam have thousands of days to enjoy after he recovers.

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Everyone (and especially Grah!), I am so sorry to just become aware of this! I have been offline for the major part of the last week, so I'm a bit out of touch (and now very concerned, of course!) that our friend and his wife have gone through such a trying time, but very happy that the news I saw on the update thread is good!

I have such great, talented and caring friends here that I feel a closeness with all of you that I don't find on any social media, so of course Dondra and I join with the rest of you in extending our sincerest get well wishes to both members of our family, (for that is how I have come to know everyone of us here) and hope that every day is stronger for Grah than the previous one

Prayers and good thoughts for both goes without saying and we will be monitoring the thread in "great expectations" of the very best news every day.

Thanks, Kev for keeping us updated!

Sincerest best wishes,

Bill and Dondra Craig

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