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I was loading my Deville 410 in to my truck and leaned the back of the cabinet against my seat. Well apparently my back plate was worn after 14 years of loading in and out, and it gave way and broke both of the 6l6's. What a crap day. Did I mention I was on my way to rehearsal?

After calling and venting to my fiancee she suggested that I buy myself a new amp in celebration of the fact that I have just about sold my boat (which has been stressful).

I'd been considering a new amp for the last few years because those Devilles are just so heavy...but I really didn't want to drop the coin on one. At any rate, thanks to her I'm now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue.

Nice amp, very clean, good volume for rehearsals and club gigs, and it seems to be about 40 pounds lighter than the Deville. … -combo-amp

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Sorry about your amp. I know what it's like when you loose those special pieces of your sound. But , Enjoy your new Fender Amp !!!


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It's a good thing she already said "Yes!" to the big question, BGD. I'd say if you have a gal who'll let you buy a brand new Fender amp because a couple of $65 tubes got broke, she's a keeper. Oh yeah ...

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Happy NAD Joe - That gal of yours is a keeper! Hope to meet her some day

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Happy new amp day.

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Nothing like an understanding woman great choice on both

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