Topic: Ks shot gun guitar circa 1982?

I had  one  of  these   back in 1983  soon sold it  though ,any  one  else  had  one?

Re: Ks shot gun guitar circa 1982?

Never seen one. Why did you get rid of it

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Re: Ks shot gun guitar circa 1982?

It was neck heavy which made it hard to play plus I had a black strat back then which I mostly used

Re: Ks shot gun guitar circa 1982?

Unusual and different looking guitar. With no weight in the body I can understand that the balance would be wrong (unless you tied a load of helium balloons to the headstock lol)


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Re: Ks shot gun guitar circa 1982?

I keeping with the gun shape & theme of the guitar, adding a shotgun-style recoil pad with some weight inside of it might have changed the balance without spoiling the effect. It may have even enhanced the effect of it's shape. My Cort Bass is also a bit neck heavy, and it's a pain in the rear to play it for any length of time.

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