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Heres  a  bit  of  vid of my  good  friends  Everdie  who  stepped in to  fill my  slot at  this years  Matala  festival. … ata_player

great  guys  great  band .

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I enjoyed that,the singer does not sound as good as you,thank you for sharing.

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Thanks  Dino, Notis  the  singer and I worked  together  on a project  last  year perhaps  this  song  doesn't  suit  him as  much as well as others  we  did  together ,I  would  have  loved  to  have   been there   again this  year  cest  la vie.

Re: Matala beach festival 2015

i would have loved to have been there too, looks and sounds like my cup of tea.

i remember doing "paranoid" on my first gig, it lasted a lot longer as i forgot the last verse so i kept on soloing till i remembered it!

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