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Topic: music stands again

I know weve probably done this subject to death ove the past year but I really dont feel to bad about it today as I watch a vid of the who at glastonbury this year only roger daltry hasnt got either an i pad or a stand ,so in my mind now its ok to have the memory of a goldfish,like me.


Re: music stands again

that was a great link Graham - I enjoyed the performance - amazing.   

LOL though - I could not stop thinking PHILL every time they showed Pete.


Great music - amazing !

Thanks for the post !

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Re: music stands again

Petes brother just looks like Brian from my band

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Re: music stands again

Graham I think its ok too have a stand you might try too decorate it with the bands name,logo or something like that. You could use some cloth or even a sheet,cardboard or pegboard.

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