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I've always been a fan of woodstock '69 some of my favorite songs from the festival are

Soul Sacrifice - Santana
Suite Judy Blue Eyes - CS&N
Freedom - Ritchie Havens
Rainbows All Over Your Blues - John Sebastian
And so many others....
What are your favs' and were any of you at the Festival. Unfortunatly I am too young, I was born in '69.


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I'm Goin' Home - Ten Years After   the ultimate rock n roll song
Freedom - Richie Havens    Especially since it was done entirely impromtu,  Motherless Child was added when the group following him was late and Richie had to extend his set.....
All the CS&N
All Jefferson Airplane
Heck, the entire original album was exceptional!

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Yea, I'm a liitle too young too. I was born in '92, but I still enjoy the music. My mom introduced me to Joni Mitchell, Janis joplin, and of course the one and only Jimi Hendrix. But I would have been at Woodstock if I had the chance to. I love it.

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Hey Mike how you been? I was only ten in '69 but did attend in '94 reunion concert. some bands played at both concerts.
C S N were great at both. Also Ten Years After and The Band
Although they were with Bob Dylan in '69. Ritchie Havens seems to stick out from the '69 concert and Country Joe and the Fish. At '94 we tried to get close to Metalica but ended up in a mosh pit and got full of mud in my altered state but what a rush it was.There was almost 1 million people there in '94 and it was three days of peace and music like '69. In
1999 they held another one but the music changed and almost had a riot as the crowd burned connessions stands.
Anyway good to see you back on chordie. Early here and got
to go to work.

Have a good day... Badeye.

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Re: Fav Songs From Woodstock '69

C,S,N AND Y and Joni Micthell are 2 of my all time favourites

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Ten Years After: Alvin Lee with his Gibson 335 I'm going home. He loos 18 years but he was 25.
CSN & Young.
Jimi Hendrix playing the National Anthem
Janis Joplin
AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST when he screams for about 1 minute singing with a little help from my friends

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