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Hi, I am new to this forum and just shopping for a uke. 

I love the warm lower tones of the baritone.  But I have very small hands, and arthritis setting in to the thumbs.  I am wondering about the size of the neck and the distance between the frets on a tenor vs a baritone.  Which would be easier for a person with kind of stubby fingers?   I guess stubby fingers would have been a good user name.  Oh, well, too late for that. 

Also, I want to be able to play with other uke players as well as guitars.  Would the baritone D tuning make it easier to fit in with guitars?  What about a baritone uke playing with tenors, concerts, or sopranos?   Thanks.

Re: size matters (ukes)

Gidday Pondie
I dabble with the uke a bit.
When playing with others i find 90% are soprano players.
Don`t know why everyone buys a soprano?
Yeah it sounds a whole lot better if you have a mix of ukes.
as for baritone,i can`t understand.why not play guitar instead.
Look forward to seeing more comments from you,i know there`s a lot of uke players on Chordie.

None Hit Wonder

Re: size matters (ukes)

Hi pondscummer, I play the ukulele, I play amongst my collection sopranos, concert and banjolele, my next buy will be a tenor. Aiming in particular for a 6 string tenor, beautiful sound. With regards to baritone, although they are good, the tenor to me is nicer. I play in a large and small group situation quite often  with a person who has a baritone and it can be overpowering, particularly if the person playing it is right beside you or behind you. Also may be a bit harder if you have arthritis as it does have a wider fret board.  Having said that, I play with people who play guitars and they don't seem as over powering as the baritone to me ..... So not sure what it is about the baritone but it is particularly loud.

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