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My fingertips felt a little tender this morning after a big weekend of playing.  Thursday evening I did a solo gig at a local art gallery.  It was the first evening of a new show and they wanted someone to provide a little background music.  Although my forte isn't acoustic finger picking, I managed to come up with enough songs to fill two hours, using two guitars, one with regular tuning and the other Nashville high-tuned. I'm a lot more comfortable playing and singing my own songs and have never previously done an acoustic gig of just picking guitar, but several people stopped to chat and tell me how much they enjoyed my playing so maybe I didn't do too bad.

Friday I spent several hours picking with friends - mostly folk and bluegrass.  Saturday I took a break and watched college football all day although I did pick up a guitar a few times during the day.

Sunday I joined 4 other musicians and played for two hours at a fund raiser for the Pioneer School, a local facility for developmentally handicapped kids.  We played at the welcome center for the Adena Mansion - home of Ohio's first governor and the place from which the great seal of Ohio was conceived. The music was well received and it was gratifying to see some of the kids in wheel chairs swaying to the music.

A busy weekend musically but very enjoyable.


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That is awesome -  So cool that you took the time to help those kids feel great !

I would do that myself if I could play and sing better.

To brighten the life of a child - that truly a blessing !  Well done my friend!

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Ken, you are too modest, you are a true troubadour, a wandering minstrel who brightens the day of anyone who hears you.

Sounds like a great weekend.


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Way to go DE.

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Great weekend! I bet you left a lot of smiles on faces...

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Good grief, DE ... what a marathon.

My arthritic hands wouldn't permit that, without a lot of Vanderhaeghe's ArthriSense applied. I'm sure you put smiles on a lot of faces ... atta boy!

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I only wish I was there to hear all of it! Way to go DE!

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