Topic: "Seeker of the Sight" by George Timothy

Hi Chordie! I love this song so much, and the chord progression sounds so simple. Pretty sure there's only four chords. I've gotten the first two, Cm and Bb, but I cannot for the life of me figure out the last two. The song is "Seeker of the Sight" by George Timothy. I can't post a link to it because I'm too new, but if you just google "Seeker of the Sight" by George Timothy, the very first video (from the soundtrack to "Life is Strange") that pops up should be it.

All I can figure out is that the third chord has an F in it, and might be an Fsus4. I'm unsure if it's the root or not. I've tried Chordify but that didn't work either, it only got some parts of the chord right.

Thanks so much, I've been really wanting to play this song.

Re: "Seeker of the Sight" by George Timothy


I "chordified" itfor you - here is the link - has the chords and you can play along

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