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Type in the name of a song. The song will play and the chord changes will be displayed in diagram form on the right. there is also a scroll marking when to change chords that rolls along the bottom.

I typed in a few somewhat popular songs, some that never made it very far and a couple really obscure ones. They were all there.

One thing I did notice; if it's a more complex song the program turns it into a "made easy" arrangement. Pretty cool though. You can even create your own songbook the same way you can at chordie. But you'll need to create an account for that.

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Just checked it out UJ, it might be fun to mess around with for a while.

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Goodfind ujb I am going too add it too my favorites.

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Thanks for that unc joe.
could have a lot of fun with this.

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Pretty cool - thanks for sharing ujb

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