Topic: a bit of nonsense

This is just a bit of silliness that occurred to me. so i wrote it down and wondered if anyone could make sense of it?

Mismuch pay

Ferry mismuch hairy botties
Your presleys beneath the bee
The fridge are winging barrels
And the booze is running free

Banters up the swannie
He's stuck there like a pot
His bag has busted open
And the fridge have got the lot

The cream is on the telly
She's likes to talk today
About the stuff that's going on
Why spoil our mismuch pay?

We've stuffed ourselves with murky
With potatoes vedge and wine
And now we're off to party
Like it's nineteen nietynine

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Re: a bit of nonsense

HA! I love it! Sounds a bit like an e.e.cummings poem, Phill!


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Re: a bit of nonsense

Phill,nonsense is good.We mainly only get serious stuff in poems/songwriting.
More nonsense please!

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Re: a bit of nonsense

I agree ... great work, and keep the nonsense coming. It reminds me a bit of Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky".

Love it!

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Re: a bit of nonsense

thanks guys, i'm glad it hasn't offended anyone.

i remember reading john lennon's "in his own write" back in the 60's and there is a lot of this kind of writing there which he attributes to jabberwocky.

if anyone has anything to add to it please feel free

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