Topic: The Wifes Christmas Present

At Christmas my wife wants a present(or two)
I often wonder what should i do?
A voucher for sky diving
That would give her a thrill
Or Maybe
Send her for a bungy jump
Give her a bit of free fall
But don`t see the point in this
because you just bounce back to where you started

basically i`ll end up doing
what i usually do
Give her jewellry
can`t go wrong!

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Re: The Wifes Christmas Present

wives are notoriously hard to buy for; if i get her clothes i must keep the receipts as she'll take whatever back next day. i once paid £10 for a box full of gold? stuff bracelets necklace rings....all real gold imitation. that was the worst christmas i've ever spent (in the doghouse of course) she gave me some turkey you know all the fatty stuff at the bottom which i hate, so never again. only expensive jewelry.

i suppose you could always stand at the top of the bungy and cut the rope  as she reaches the bottom? tongue

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