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Any one out there with tablature for lap steel guitar, prefer C6 tuning, 6 string. Would like tablature for country or/ and country gospel.


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bluefly1, welcome to Chiordie. I'm sorry to say that I'm afraid you won't get much help with the LAP STEEL on this site. I love to hear someone play a lap steel who knows what they are doing. Got to play along side a couple who did. Would like to have the tike to see if I could learn to play one, myself.  Just because a lap steel is not mentioned here on Chordie, much, does not mean you can't have a good time visiting with us. Hang around awhile as we can treat you so many way's you gotta like some of them


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I played a lap steel about 55 years ago (six string). I competed at the national music festival with it. I always played with E7 tuning and used standard notation. It really isn't that hard to learn and then you can sight read with a little practice.

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I own one.  Thought I'd pick it up. Haven't since.  Love the instrument though.