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Im new to the guitar and am looking for some new songs to play. One of my faves is 'Girl Crush' by Little Big Town. Would love for someone to help me out with the chords for this song. Im so new to the guitar that tabs arent even necessary at this point. Im working on tempo and chord change speed. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks guys!

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Sorry. Girl Crush doesn't seem to be in the list, but here is a selection of songs from Little Big Town. … index.html

[b]Today Is Only Yesterdays Tomorrow[/b]

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While it's not yet indexed on Chordie, I'm sure it will be soon!  In the meantime, you can find it online at multiple locations.  It's available at ultimate guitar: … sh_crd.htm

That's a pretty good song to practice with.  I've been doodling around with it myself.  As you're probably familiar with the song, you know there's a lot more singing than musical frills, and it's pretty much played like a waltz.... meaning, you are going to basically play each chord for 4 beats.  To help with tempo and chord changes, I suggest just simply doing one down strum for each beat.  Good luck!  Have fun!

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