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Topic: New Epiphone Contest (Beamer, have a look)

Here's the latest monthly guitar draw that Epiphone has for January:


http://www.epiphone.com/News/Features/2 … ing-V.aspx

Beamer has or had a Flying V, so thought of him right away. The ProBucker pickups are essentially a Gibson 490R (ProBucker II - neck) and a 498T (ProBucker III - bridge) having the identical specs & components. My Les Paul has them, and they're VERY good. I sure hope a Chordian wins it!

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Re: New Epiphone Contest (Beamer, have a look)

thanks for the heads up TF...i'm in

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Re: New Epiphone Contest (Beamer, have a look)

Signed up!

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