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My lost guitar was constructed at The Juan Roberto Guitar Works in Phoenix, AZ in the early 70's.

She's a six-string beauty with a rosette inlaid with snail shells, a  slot-head and an oil, not lacquer finish.

She is very heavy due to the infamous double back patterned after Maccaferri, glued in with a substance not unlike concrete which defeated the purpose of the double backs resonance. I imagine the instrument is still in one piece unless someone made the effort to remove that double back, or fashion it into a coffee table or planter. 

I left Arizona in '78 to move to California. Foolish youth that I was, I sold it at my garage sale, in a blue and orange foam traveling case.

I would love to have her back.  Please reply to this post. thank you, db

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Welcome too the forum dbdillon,I do not think you will find that guitar it has been a super long time.

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You still have'nt found what your looking for, you described this guitar back in 2014. thats a long time, but keep looking, maybe, just maybe it will happen.

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