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HI Editors, love the new clean look of the site. Is the search function in Public Books still available and if it is, could someone direct me to it, just couldn't see it when looking over the public books. Eg might want to search "1980's" to find 1980 in the songbook name.

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Hey there!  As a forum moderator, it's sooooo exciting to see people that have been members of the site for YEARS and are now making it to the forums because you're EXCITED about the changes, and have suggestions.  Awesome! 

I do see you've been in here before.  smile  I'm not 100% on this, but I do believe that the option to search the ENTIRE site (which of course should include searching songbooks) is in the works.  If you go to the Home Page and type in "1980" as an example, you'll get this before hitting "search":

No direct match in songs or artist names. Submit to do free text search

Sadly, after hitting "search" you'll get this:

Sorry, but text search is not included yet. Still waiting for the service providers to fix a faulty cable. Should be done in 48 hours....

Now... I'm not sure if it'll be done in 48 hours or not... but... I'm hopeful this means it'll be SOON!  Thank you so much for the suggestion, and I'll make sure our AMAZING ADMIN sees this!  smile  In the meantime, did you see the NEW options for filtering Public Songbooks?  I'm loving it.  I like your idea as well!

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Re: Search function in Public Books

Thanks chick moderator for your speedy response - the search function at the home page is a beaut idea yes I had seen it, and if this extends to songbooks as well as artist and song - great. -