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I'm not much of a songwriter, ive written a couple a songs and i was wonderin if you advanced or pretty good guys wouldnt mind writting or suggest a nice love song sayin how much you love someone but with various chords (eg. not just G,C,D,G,C,D blah blah). Thanks

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I dont write many love songs now but I find minor chords which are used a ot in sad songs ( as previously discussed elsewhere) sound good in love songs.

Tesla have a great song called "love song" it has Am,D,Bm,Em,G, C

you could make a love song up with any sort of chords really, it is the lyrics that can put a song into a category.

once you do it, you could share it wit hus all and post it on the songwriters section


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Look for stuff by Bryan Adams, he's got lots of good love songs with diverse chord progressions. Examples are: Have you ever really loved a woman, please forgive me, heaven (my favorite), and I'll always be right there. The most interesting one is definetly the first one, i can't actually tab out the song but I can tell you that the chords used include Eb Cm D Bb F G D Am7. There is one good tab and one bad one on the net, it's pretty easy to tell them apart, GOOD LUCK

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Here are some interesting classics . . .
Donovan   Catch the Wind … ranspose=0
Love Me Tender   Elvis … ranspose=0
I Want to Hold Your Hand    Beatles … ranspose=0
Annie's Song    John Denver … ranspose=0

I like these because they all have a nice loving message along with great melody lines.  The backing chords are not that unusual, but the are a little more interesting than I, IV, V chords.

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Re: Love song with interesting chord progressions

Wish I could by Nora Jones. The chord pattern is almost hypnotizing to me. The first time I heard it I was taken in by how hauntingly sad the song is. I think the tab'ed version is on Chordie but you can get the idea.

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