Topic: can't take my eyes off you

Most all my cover song performances are done in the moment when I have the feeling for the song.
For this one I watched the movie Jersey Boys and was so taken with the scene where this song is debuted
to a live audience that I went to my studio, downloaded chords/lyrics, turned on my recorder and just played how I felt it.
For me rehearsal diminishes feeling so I try and just play in the moment when emotions are at the peak.
Not thinking about the guitar or the way i play it is key to getting a good first take for me.
I let my fingers just move themselves. This is why TAB doesn't work for me. Too paint by numbers for me.
I like chord diagrams and then I take it from there.
The vocal is very flawed here but IMO it captures the human quality of the feeling I had.
Perfect imperfection:

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