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I    just bought myself a  Live 3 vocalist pedal and   have been playing pretty much non stop for the last  4 days  stopping only to eat and sleep .  They are amazing and I never dreamed it would be that good , especially if you play solo or busk by yourself . You can achieve great harmonies  with a range of voices female or male  and even if you have a bit of trouble hitting the pitch  this will help you a lot to achieve a reasonable sound ,if you sing in key without trouble  you may well be inspired to lift your game and attempt stuff you haven't been able to do in the past .
It may not be every ones cup of tea  and other band members may tell you to take a hike  as it  will dominate the vocal range  over the top of other harmony singers and piss them off ,but if your solo, man what a gas   this thing is .....   Plug in a gat  or keyboard and it reads it  like magic . If your stuck in a hole vocally go get one , you won't be sorry....

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I just watched demos of it - its pretty amazing
My draw back is that - with my bad singing - instead of one bad singer there would be 3 or 5
Thanks for sharing though = it is pretty cool


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Bad singing? What the hell u talking about. I like your vocals!

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