Topic: Testing, Testing, Testing

HI!  So, I see that one of the members (Keepitreal) wanted to post something on the thread that's stickied up top and closed titled "Thumbs Up and Other Stuff" here: 

That thread is actually closed.  We do that sometimes when we want to just preserve the information without conversation taking over it.  If you have a question or suggestion about the thread, or any of the other closed threads, feel free to post about it in the forums in a new thread (or better yet, this one since it's here now). 

ALL THAT SAID... I thought this might be a useful thread to have open if anyone wants to TEST out their BBCode or test/practice posting pictures (you can find a thread here about that: )

If you want help using BBCode or posting images or what not - THIS IS THE PLACE!  Ready?  Set?  Go!

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