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I click on Songbook, get a totally blank page. Same thing when I try to add songs to it. What am I doing wrong here? Thanks.

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Getting the same thing here...also telling me it can't confirm my presence???

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Hi!  There's actually another thread going on this topic, and we've determined the issues seem to be related to Java.  You'll want to make sure that the version of Java installed on your computer is up to date (as well as enabled in your browser of choice).  Here's the link with more info: … 54#p170754  Please post over on that thread if you need more help, or are still having issues after updating your Java.  Don't be afraid to ask questions if you're unsure how to do this or how to check.  I've written out directions over there, but I realize some people may need a little more help.  I'll be happy to provide more step by step details if you need more!  smile

KevinRK - You will probably need to clear out the cookies stored in your computer.  The cookies were updated since the first time you registered and the last time you posted here in the forums.  After you clear your cookies, you will get NEW cookies, so the website will be able to keep you logged in as you move from page to page (and therefore will be able to confirm your presence).  After you've done that... you might be good to go.  If not, then check out that link about the Java!  smile  If I say cookies and you say, "the only cookies I know about are the ones that go in my belly" - just let me know and I'll provide more info for you on how to remove the non-edible type of cookies that help your computer remember things.  wink

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Re: Songbook not working

We are getting multiple threads about Songbooks so I am closing this one.

Please keep all the Songbook problems in this thread: … 54#p170754

This way Amy (Mekidsmom), who is doing most of the work is sorting this, is not having to repeat instructions on how to assist.


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