Topic: Bob Seger--Till it shines

Hi All,
I have the proper words and chords for Bob Seger --- Till it shines.
I would like to post it but I don't know how.
The posting in the library for Bob Seger is not complete.
Is there a spread sheet on this site i can fill out and then post or what?
someone please help me so I can help others on this site.

Re: Bob Seger--Till it shines

Hi drantle - 'Til It Shines' is a great song.

The best way to fix a song is to edit the listing right here in chordie.  Here is one way to do that:
1) Log in first and go to the song.  Move the song into your songbook.
2) Go to your songbook.  Open the song using the green "edit" button at the end of it's listing.
3) You will now see two panes on your screen.  The upper one is where you can correct lyrics and chords and make your improvements.  There is often lots of 'chaff' or extra junk there that can be deleted.  {Note: do not change the song's title or subtitle!}
4) As you are changing things you can hit the 'save' button between the panes to see how it will look.  The lower pane gives you the formatted view of the song.
5) After your changes are done, hit 'return to songbook' then open the song again by clicking on it's name.  Check to make sure everything is correct, make sure the transposer works and that everything is lined up correctly.  If not then go back to the edit mode again.
6) Once everything is correct copy EVERYTHING in the edit pane, then go back to the original listing in chordie's index.  At the bottom of the page is a 'correct song' button - hit this to open the main listing for editing.
7) Mouse off and delete all the stuff in the edit window (completely zap the old version) and paste in your improved version.  Be sure to hit the 'save' button between the panes before leaving the edit mode.

I know this seems complicated - but it is not really that difficult.  The main trick is learning how to use the chordpro coding so that everything gets formatted correctly.  Editing and correcting songs is a great way to really learn a tune and it helps everyone to have a correct version available.  James

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Re: Bob Seger--Till it shines

Thanks James,
I'll work on it over this weekend.