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Are thoughts Poems?


Hey Mum
Just wanted to say
I love you
No matter what

Each and every day
You can`t help it
Nature taking its course
I don`t know what else to say

I wish I could pause it
Stop it from happening
I feel helpless to help in this
It seems unstoppable

All I can do now
Is remember for you
The good times and bad
Present and past

I don`t understand
I know you don`t either
This terrible disease
Called dementia

I wish I could take you back
My strength, my Mentor, my Mother
To that place where you knew
That place where you remembered

One thing I will always remember Mum
you were always there for me
I just pray God that in these days
I can be there for you

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Re: Hey Mum

Sounds like this one is from the heart, Good job.


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hey Jandle, such a tearjerking thought that you've made into a poem. it's such a sad subject but i know scientists are working to find a cure, maybe it will come but too late for your mum, and for that i am so sorry.

i know the feeling; you had thoughts running around your head and like a true composer you wrote them down.

well done and thanks for sharing.


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Very Moving... very well said.

sad circumstances


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Re: Hey Mum

Gidday Jandle
That is fantastic.A true story makes great song/poems.
I find writing poems/songs a great way to cope with lifes problems
writing it down does seem to help.
Hope you writing this down has in some way helped you.
And yes thoughts are poems( as are opinions and feelings)
eg.a thought of mine

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Re: Hey Mum

Beautifully written, Jandle ... absolutely beautiful. My Dad is gradually succumbing to Dementia also, and it's so frustrating for him. You've found a great way to immortalize a bit of your Mum in your poem, and your love for her holds the whole thing together ... from the heart. Thanks for sharing this.

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So sad and heart felt Jandle. Your poem and the thought of what you're going through brought a tear to my eye. I wish all the best for you and your mum.

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Re: Hey Mum

Hi NELA, Phill Williams, TIGLK, easybeat, Tenement Funster and keepitreal ...... thank you all so much for you feedback on my poem and mostly for your understanding and heartfelt thoughts to me  ......... brought  a tear to my eye reading them.   This is such a terrible disease that robs people of their precious memories and life.   My thoughts go out to you too TF,  your father and family.  As Phill said, as they try to find a cure for this, one day hopefully they will.

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Dementia Sucks, it is hard on everyone who is involved in it. It is a truly a beautiful expression of love what you have written. Maree and I are both moved by your words. Reading your poem reminds me every day to appreciate those who are dear to  us because terrible circumstances can test us when things change. Through all  your trails and tribulations the power of love for your wonderful, dear Mum will remain eternal.

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A hearty "Amen!" to what Peatle said.

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Thanks so much  Peatle and TF ......... and you are right Peatle, it is hard on everyone ...... and yes i agree, we have to make the most of those who are close to us as we never know whats around the corner.

Thanks again you two smile

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Re: Hey Mum

I like it also and hope that my mom can avoid it as we all do.  My thought go out to you.
My mother has it written in her will, that at the graveside we have to light off fireworks and serve drinks.  "Don't remember me in my death, remember me in the joy of my life."

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Re: Hey Mum

Thank you beamer and wow that is a pretty amazing from your mum and a great way to be remembered "joy of her life"

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