Topic: Building your own acoustic?

I'm considering an attempt at building a dreadnaught from a kit. I was just curious if anyone on here has ever attempted this and if so how did it fair? I'm in the construction trade so I build cabinets and furniture on a regular basis and am very familiar with finishing so I believe I can do this. However I'd love to hear from someone who has already been there.  I'm considering kits from a few suppliers such as: Blues creek guitars, C.F. Martin, Stewart macdonald, or Luthiers merchantile. If anyone has any experience or input on this topic your comments would be appreciated! Especially as to the preffered kit for a first attempt. Thanks! Peace!

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Re: Building your own acoustic?

See if you can grab a word with Bootlegger - he builds guitars all the time. Although I think it's mostly electric he's into. Have a word though. PM him, he's a great guy.

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