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Howdy ... Rick here (Tenement Funster) with a suggestion. Our member Badeye has been faithfully providing the Friday Blues Fix for almost 7 years, and I'm wondering if a special member title might be conferred upon him to recognize that? One suggestion might be "The Blues Fixer" or something a bit more creative. Thanks for the consideration!

An excellent suggestion and one that has now been fulfilled. big_smile


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How long do you think it will take him to notice?   wink

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Re: The Blues Fixer

Well now, I just a guy imbedded in the blues since the early 70's, thank you guys so much for showing interest in the Friday Blues Fix..  Its a pleasure to share with Chordie Nation and will continue to be... 

Thanks guys,,   Chordie Rules....     Badeye      cool

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Re: The Blues Fixer

Thanks, Roger ... and thank you, Badeye!