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I'm looking at 3 different microphones to use with my non electric acoustic guitar. 

1 AKG P5 Supercardioid Vocal Mic   $65

2 Blue Microphones enCORE 200 $89

3 Shure SM58 with Stand and Cable Package   $110  or Shure SM58S  $99

All from an on line store  .  Which one in your opinion is best.  I'm going to mostly play my guitar through these.  Vocals maybe if everyone in the neighborhood is on vacation.  I don't want anybody calling the cops  LOL. 

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I am not an expert on these but shure  makes some good products.

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58 is good and super flexible. Might be better off w a 57 for instrument mic though.

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SM57 for  an  instrument  however  if  you  want  a  cheaper  option a    Sure PG 57 will  give  good  results  I've  used  them  for  micing  amps  for  years  with  out  problems .

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For an acoustic, I wouldn't use a dynamic mic.  If you are going to, use the Shure.  It's a great mic and absolutely rock solid.   Dynamic mics need a lot of energy to move the diaphragm, though,  so you'll lose some fidelity and low end on your guitar.

For the same money you can get an AKG Perception 170 SDC, and you will be much happier.   Caveats are that you'll need phantom power on your interface.  If you wanted to spend just a touch more, you can get a stereo set from CAD for just over $100.  Acoustic guitars should be recorded in stereo, anyway, in order to capture as much of the sound as possible.

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