Topic: New grandchildren?

Hi Devildogs-doll.
At last i can answer your post. So many photos! Not only have you lovely Children! but some of the photos of nature? wow!. Bobcats ,sunsets Aquariums! I have a  very large aquarium myself! but im giving it to my son for his new house as its now to much work for me!
Devildog!    there is a photo of one of your babies hands! "Oh my God"! i wanted to hold them and kiss them forever.. that photo made me all broody! I wonder if i looked in the yellow pages,could i get the spare parts i need? lol. Thats the second time thats happened this week! James McCormick has a babies hand to on his site which also had the same effect!
We also have a Caitriona in our clan.. name  meaning "Pure"  beautiful.
Irish or Scottish Connections? Although i think its greek origin? Like my own!
Its a pity you dont live near me.. You could have the morning off as im going to walk my dogs in a short while and would have loved to take your babies strolling with me...
Devildogs a little bit of advice for you! Your babies are like Placticine.. To have sound adults, you must start moulding them now. In my book it was loads of love, then manners, respect and honesty...  Talk talk talk with them not at them.  I did make some mistakes im sure!. But we all do at some stage! enjoy every moment,as time goes by so quickly!
Old Doll.

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