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Topic: New Uke Day

Here's my 11-week-old Grandson (Abel) with his first ukele, presented to him by his Grampie (me) this past weekend. He's obviously delighted with it, but will need some major motor skill development before he'll be playing. He sat mesmerized when Grampie played guitar for him, and especially liked faster picked songs like "Yankee Doodle" and "Turkey in the Straw". When I started to whistle along, he started to grin ... a true musician in the making!


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Well, first of all congratulations TF, you must be so proud. It's good that you've started the little fellow off so yoing. I'm sure he'll be logging into chordie soon and showing us a few tricks.

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Beautiful Boy - congrats TF!

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Congratulations tf.

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That's it "bring 'em up raight"........... must have a musical instrument from an early age and must be played to regularly so that they want to be able to do it better than gramps. big_smile


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Are you trying to train that kid to be a southpaw? I like it!

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what a lucky boy, i didn't get my first guitar till i was 14 and didn't learn to play my first chord till 17! congratulations as has been said above, he's off to a great start

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absolutely awesome on all aspects!
Congrats on such a beautiful grandchild with a brilliant (sans teeth) smile!
That picture should be framed and the centerpiece in some music shop over the UKES.

Thanks for starting my day in a beautifully inspiring way !

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That is a gorgeous baby. You might have to wait just a little while for the for him to start playing. I agree with the photo to be in a music shop and that was a good idea. I

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Cute pic, love it.

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