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I set up my PA in the basement because I felt like it.  It's been up for a while, and not getting much use.  I wondered whether a Seymour Duncan Woody soundhole pickup would work on a 12 string.  It's not designed for one, but I was just wondering. 

Turns out - it works GREAT!  I was happy to learn that. 

I need to practice with the 12'er more because even modest amounts of barre chords with a 12'er was killing my thumb. 

- Zurf

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Re: "I wonder what happens if..."

Glad your pickup worked the one I have looks like it is too small but I do not have a twelve string.

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Re: "I wonder what happens if..."

I normally tune to Eb out of preference, but Eb is absolutely the only way I'll play a 12er. That string tension is a killer. My hands hurt just thinking about it.

Re: "I wonder what happens if..."

I've bought a lighter gauge set to help with the tension thing, haven't put them on yet though.

BGD, how would a 12er sound detuned to D?

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