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ok im in the middle of the US where there is nothing but corn, blue skies. hot blonds, and a curious absence of trees.  so any way i was poking around on this site and noticed for the first time how many diferent nationalities where out there, which i think is truly awesome, and people from just about every continent. 

Any way this is mainly to are UK (and anyone else that may use phrases native to there country that they are not quite sure whether or not they may be used in other places) buds: do you mind posting a dictionary of your odd phrases? like i know some of them like knackered means tired and blokes and sheilas means more or less boys and girls.

so any way thanks


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Re: this is truly random

I think I was repsonsible for 'knackered' (twice in fact), but I can't think of anything else that would require explanation. (but then again I wouldn't would I because it would mean that I don't understand myself). smile

Give us a list if possible.



Re: this is truly random

Blokes and sheilas

Na . . . in Ireland we have Bucks and Blades !

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