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Topic: Anticipating 2017

Lots to look forward to in the coming year, even though we had a over a foot of snow dumped on us overnight. sad In the coming year, I'm looking forward to 3 big things in particular:

1) Guitar Lessons
I just started one lesson per week in October, at Webster's Guitar Academy. Even though I've played for almost 50 years, and have become a very good parrot, I know almost nothing about music theory. He's done some preliminaries, and I've been enjoying what's been taught so far, doing my homework, etc. I'll be re-starting in February, and will see it through as long as I can.

2) New Knee
It's now almost 5 weeks since I had my left knee replaced, and it already has more strength and range-of-motion than before the surgery. This is going to make fly fishing, camping, kayaking, woodworking, work ... heck, everything ... far more enjoyable, accessible, and less painful. Our sport-fishing season opens on April 1st, and I'm looking forward to it more than I have in years.

3) Grandson
Our first was born on July 31st, and he's really interacting well now. Loves being played & sang to , and watches both hands on the guitar intently. Our daughter-in-law is learning to play some nursery tunes on the ukulele, and he just loves it. Going to be a great year watching him grow!

What about my fellow Chordians? What are your plans / aspirations / goals for the coming year?


Re: Anticipating 2017

1) Work less, hopefully find a different job and concentrate more on living.                                                                                                                                                                                                2)Rethink some of my recreational habits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         3) Just to be happy. I am done being a basketcase.

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Re: Anticipating 2017

1. Win the lottery.
2. Retire.
3. Spend lots of time outdoors.

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Re: Anticipating 2017

I officially retired July 30 last year, at least that's when they gave me my old age pension. All I want for the coming year is all I've wanted for years which is a quiet life, no family squabbles and being allowed to do what I want which is mainly to write, record and play music.

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Re: Anticipating 2017

I just want to make people dance.....~S~

Re: Anticipating 2017

TF, that all sounds like some pretty good stuff to look forward to in '17!  Hmm... me...  um,

1.  I plan to make the work/homeschooling juggle less of a juggle
2. I've gotten word that I MAY possibly be in line to get that promotion I've been looking at for a while.  This of course goes back to #1 - I want it, I need it, I desire it, but I need to ensure that I don't create more problems in the work/homeschooling juggle
3. Over the years, when I've been reallllly happy, I tend to gain weight.  When miserable I tend to lose weight.  I've been quite happy the past few years, and worked my BUTT off while happy and managed to lose quite a few pounds last year.  So, I'd like to continue that trend of being happy and continuing to lose weight.  wink

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Re: Anticipating 2017

Sound like we have similar plans for this year TF

1.  New grandson  - although I have two grandsons that live in Florida, my son had a boy born last fall that lives just 70 miles away.  Jen and I visit him at least once a week and plan to continue when we are not off visiting our other kids or out-of-state friends.

2. New knee - I had my right knee replaced about 18 months ago and the left one is scheduled for Feb 3.  It should be healed in plenty of time for spring hiking/fishing/camping.

3. Travel - I hope to visit more out-of-state friends for some fishing, boating and camping adventures, as well as some campfire guitar pickin'.


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Re: Anticipating 2017

1.  Write more music and prose.
2.  I've dropped almost 50lbs of weight since August.  Lose another 25 and keep it off.
3.  Treat my wife better because she's really high maintenance and deserves it.  big_smile
4.  Get back on the bike.  See #2.
5.  Finish my festival scheduling tool and go to market with it.

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Re: Anticipating 2017

1. Pay more attention to the ones who matter (family)
2. Work harder on my voice
3. write more
4 Grow Full Circle Detail in this very competitive  market.
5. pay down bills so i can get a new truck

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