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Topic: Acoustic Guitar Tonewoods

There are often conversations in this section about which guitars are considered top recommendations by other guitarists. Unfortunately, this will generally tend to focus on the brand name of the guitar, and not the wood it's made from, the quality of the workmanship, or the way it fits the buyer. The wood, quality, and fit are far more important than the brand.

In particular, the type of wood used has a dramatic effect on the guitar's "voice". Here's an in-depth article from last October's "Acoustic Guitar" magazine, which provides ample detail (in layman's English) about how these woods affect the sound of a guitar:

http://acousticguitar.com/a-tonewood-pr … mal-sound/


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That is  wonderful, informative article.  Thanks for sharing !


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The difference in acoustic guitar tonewoods, body shapes and scale lengths have always fascinated me.  I have a sitka top/ solid mahogany back & sides 14-fret dreadnaught, a sitka top/solid mahogany back/laminated sides 12 fret 000 (aka auditorium size) a cedar top/solid mahogany back and sides 14 fret dreadnaught, a sitka top/solid rosewood back and sides 12-fret 000 and an adirondack top/solid rosewood back,/laminated sides 14 fret 000. Each has its own unique sound.

Thanks for posting the article TF.


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Thanks guys ... I'm equally fascinated by such things.

With our electrics, we find a whole range of tones because of the various electronics, effects, etc. The types of wood are a factor, but not as much as with acoustics. My 4 are also constructed with different woods, different sizes, etc. And as DE says, each has its own unique sound. One is no better than another ... just different. Each guitarist will choose what suits his style & tastes best.

What I like best about info like this, is that it prevents a person from being captive to a brand-name-only mentality, or falling prey to slick marketing campaigns.

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I have always owned spruce/rosewood guitars for many years. About 5 years ago I bought a spruce/mahogany guitar. As it turned out the Spruce/Mahogany is my go to guitar. I just like the overall sound. I still love the sound of my other guitars. They are just a different sound. Now add the string choices you can make you have a real variety of tones available to you. Very interesting but sometimes perplexing. I seemed to stay with the same brand and gauge string on all my guitars, none of them sound alike. Different tones from each because of woods and bracings. Yes ,construction is as important as tone woods. So many variables, so much fun.

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I have always dreamed of owning a KOA wood guitar, till I actually played one. Its a hard wood and very bright.. like a bell.

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That's awesome. Thanks for the sharing.

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This is  amazing news.